Pouring a cup of cold brew….

Now for libations…Beer Garden on the Patio of La Dolce Vita featuring Anchor Brewing beer with these six selections of Steam: Liberty – IPA- Cali Lager- Porter- Zymaster Series: Luxardo Cherry

Every drop of Anchor beer is made right here in our traditional copper brewhouse. Decades-old handmade tools of the trade — mash tun, lauter tun, grant, and brewkettle and All Malt, Whole Cone Hops and more conversation with the master story teller of Anchor will await you at our 6 beer flight tasting. Can add food pairing as well, menu to be determined….as soon as I taste all of the beers!

ANCHOR’S ROOTS began in 1849
The rich history of Anchor Brewing can be traced all the way back to the California gold rush, when German brewer Gottlieb Brekle arrived in San Francisco with his family.

In 1871, Anchor’s first brewmaster—Gottlieb Brekle—transformed an old beer-and-billiards saloon into the American brewery that, twenty-five years later would be renamed Anchor.

Drunk in San Francisco Since 1896

Anchor Brewery 02

Steamy Tweed Bike Riders to Join Festival!

The Oxnard Steampunk Festival will include an added feature, a “Steamy Tweed Ride to SteampunkFest”.  It will include a leisurely bike cruise through the older neighborhoods near Downtown Oxnard then arriving at the Steampunk Festival at Heritage Square.
Dress dapper – tweed, corduroy, woolens and waistcoats are the order of the day – or go steampunk with goggles and brass, or anywhere in-between. Everyone is welcome. Vintage, steampunk and similar bikes will find display parking at the event.
More at https://www.facebook.com/events/867193420044033/