Food to Keep You Going

Lets not forget the food!

The day will provide several dining opportunities all infused with the creativity and uniqueness of the Steampunk style. These intriguing dining options and featured Steampunk Fest beverages await your culinary exploration.

Outdoor Steampunk Café

Buccaneer BBQ Grill

Grilled bbq chicken sandwich $7

Grilled Vegetable Medley atop pasta bowl $7

Grilled Hot Dogs  Americana $4

Traditional Grilled Bratwurst with  sauerkraut and mustard $7

Meat Ball Sub with Provolone & Marinara   $7

All Sandwiches and dogs include a bag of chips

La Dolce Vita ~ Restaurant menu
Steampunkfest 2017

Techno Tea Buffet Menu – $15.95 per plate

Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches

Egg Salad Tea Sandwiches

Cucumber, watercress and greens

Tea Sandwiches

Pasta salad tossed with vegetable medley

Fresh Fruit Salad

Scones and Jam

Vanilla Tea Cookies


Herbal Tea

Iced Tea





Firestone Beer Lineup:
Oaktfirestone-oaktoberfestoberfest, 805, DPA, Luponic Disortion, Pivo Poppy Pils

Also Onsite:

Missy’s Cupcakes
Alex’s Fruits and Nuts
Mr. Softee



Welcome to the mad, mad world of Steampunk!