What is Steampunk?

Steam what?

What is Steampunk you ask?? It is a blend of the Victorian Era and technology with a bit of Science Fiction and Fantasy….think of airships, goggles, jet packs, corsets, top hats, parasols, combined with imagination and a wee bit of whimsy.

Steampunk is a loosely-based term for a sub-genre of Science Fiction, fantasy and role-play that provides an alternate history of steam-powered societies during the Industrial Revolution. The most popular eras include British Victorian and Edwardian, with the American Wild West and a completely imaginary post-apocalyptic future coming in a close second.

Celebrating all that is whimsical, The Oxnard Steampunk Fest Crew would like to invite you to join in the fun! This year’s event takes place at the historic Heritage Square in downtown Oxnard, 11-7PM on Saturday the 13th of October,  and 11-5PM Sunday the14th, 2018. This is a fundraiser for the Oxnard Heritage Foundation and the Friends of Heritage Square, to benefit their educational programming. Keeping the history of Oxnard alive and well!

Costumes, characters, merchants and presenters are all encouraged to participate. info@oxnardsteampunkfest.com

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Welcome to the mad, mad world of Steampunk!