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So exciting to announce that Doc Phineas will be joining us again in 2017 as our Master of Ceremonies!!

October 14th, Saturday 11-5PM
October 15th, Sunday 11-5PM

$10 pre-sale, kids 12 and under are free both days
$15 day of, kids 12 under are free both days

Heritage Square in downtown Oxnard
715 So. A Street, Oxnard, CA 93030

Celebrity Talent:



DOC PHINEAS – Gentleman Extraordinaire will showcase his talents as this year’s Master of Ceremonies!

Doc.Extraordinaire DocPhineas.com

Meet DOC PHINEAS from PAWN STARS on the History Channel at Oxnard Steampunkfest! Dr. Phineas T. Kastle is Guest Professor Emeritus of Esoterica at the University of Nevada. Author of five books, eminent world traveler in 92 countries, balloonist, Time traveler, and voted by the Las Vegas Weekly as “Best Dressed Male”. Member of the Las Vegas Steampunk Tea Society, Founder the League of Extraordinary Professors, and the Steampunk Guild.

Find out more about Doc Phineas on his website: http://www.docphineas.com

Doc Phineas presents Octopus’ Garden, Live from Steamathon with the Velveteen Band!

Tayliss Forge arrives as special guest judge for the 2016 Costume Contest!


Tayliss is a cosplay model, artisan crafter, and was a recent contestant on the TV show Steampunk’d. A majority of her time is spent making costumes and accessories for her online business: Nonconformity Accessories. She loves leather-working and creating corsets, bracers, purses, etc. She also enjoys making replicas of props, jewelry, and clothing from movies, TV shows, anime, video games, or board games. Most of her costumes are heavily influenced by steampunk and Victorian fashion.

Come meet Tayliss!

tayliss 2

CIRQUE DES BETES: Fetes of Fantsy! Saturday, Oct 15th, 12PM, 2PM & at the after party in the LDV Lounge (21+ please)Cirque1

Steampunk Cirque Extraordinaire. Buskers, burlesque and bamboozling feats of art & athleticism! Circus Freaks and Sexy Beasts for all.
Started as the duo Fawn & Bear in 2012, this new performing group has grown in size and expanded their talents to include circus flow arts such as hooping, contact juggling, fan dancing, staff manipulation and the aerial arts. In addition to circus arts we have included a variety of neo burlesque dancers who are excited to thrill and chill you with intriguing dances and skills. We have also expanded our connections to other troupes of performers in the San Luis Obispo Area as well as steampunk groups up and down the coast of California.cirque3
Watch them perform live on October 15th!

Find out more information about CIRQUE DES BETES on their website:

ABBY POSNER AND THE MYTH performing at Oxnard Steampunk Fest 2016!!!



“Abby Posner Brings a lively contribution to the Folk/Americana genre with her insightful lyrics and catchy melodies. There is a brilliant, contemporary freshness to her work.” – Chris Wilson, KPFK Radio Station.
From new-folk to bluegrass and pop, Abby and the Myth twists genres to create a fresh catchy sound. Abby arranges, writes, and plays nearly all of the instruments on her albums. The sounds you hear are both pleasantly dark and playful.

Watch ABBY AND THE MYTH perform live on October 16th at 12 noon!

find out more information on her website: http://www.abbyposner.com/


50 STICKS OF DYNAMITE rocks the Oxnard Steampunk Fest on Saturday Oct 15th, 4:00PM!!!


“This ain’t no bluegrass band, and it ain’t no country jam band. This is straight-forward rock and roll.”- Pam Baumgardner – VenturaRocks.com

Packing a healthy repertoire of electric roots rock songs about love, lust and heartbreak, 50 Sticks of Dynamite exploded onto the Ventura County music scene in 2010 — and it’s been nothing but fireworks ever since. The band has released two full-length records, the most recent being Love Dream Truth Love, and maintains a No. 1 position on ReverbNation’s local Americana chart.

With an energetic tall drink of water like McFadyen front and center, Wingland’s red hot flourishes and a rock solid rhythm section to make it all move, the band routinely accomplishes the impossible: coaxing people out of their chairs and onto the dance floor. It’s what sets 50 Sticks apart from the rest. Everyone sweats. Everyone smiles. Everyone returns.

Check out their website at:

AVE ROSE makes a guest appearance as Judge for the Costume Contest on Saturday, Oct. 15th at 1:00PM


Ave is a visual and performing artist that was one of the finalists on GSN’s Reality TV series, STEAMPUNK’D! We’re so excited to have her as a celebrity guest and judge for our steampunk fashion show on October 15th!

Find out more about Ave’s art and career on her website: http://averoseart.com/visual/

Ave Rose

What is Steampunk you ask?? It is a blend of the Victorian Era and technology with a bit of Science Fiction and Fantasy….think of airships, goggles, jet packs, corsets, top hats, parasols, combined with imagination and a wee bit of whimsy. Enjoy the fun with your kids, friends, and the rest of your family at Heritage Square.

Enjoy the mad, mad world of Steampunk!

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